DGA Student Film Awards


For more than two decades, the DGA Student Film Awards have spotlighted dozens of African American, Asian American, Latino and Women filmmakers. Winners of the DGA Student Film Awards in each category will receive a $2,500 prize from the DGA.


All submissions must be submitted by Monday, October 7, 2024 at 5:00 pm PDT. 


2019 Student Film Award Winners

25th Annual DGA Student Film Awards in Los Angeles  
Best African American Student Filmmakers:

West Region

  • Award Winner: Darius D. Dawson of AFI – A Rodeo Film
  • Jury Award: Khaled Ridgeway of USC – Night Diner

East Region

  • Award Winner: Adewale Olukayode of Columbia University – Home
  • Jury Award: Justin Fairweather of Towson University – Dog Person

Best Asian American Student Filmmakers:

West Region

  • Award Winner: Jing Ai Ng of AFI – Fleck
  • Jury Award: Yubo Song of California College of the Arts, San Francisco – A Winter Without Snow

East Region

  • Award Winner: Yuan Yuan Zhang of New York University – Heading South
  • Jury Award: Kevin Wang of New York University – Secret Lives of Asians at Night

Best Latino Student Filmmakers

West Region

  • Award Winner: João Felipe Dall'Stella of AFI – Día De Las Carpas
  • Jury Award: Samir Oliveros of AFI – Cactus Blossom

East Region

  • Award Winner: Gustavo Milan of New York University – Under the Heavens
  • Jury Award: Natalia Luque of Columbia University – Soy Sola

Best Women Student Filmmakers:

West Region

  • Award Winner: Sabina Vajrača of USC – Variables
  • Jury Award: Caroline Friend of USC – Under Darkness

East Region

  • Award Winner: Kyra Gardner of Florida State University – Phoebe
  • Jury Award: Addison Dlott of Ithaca College – Queen of the Dinosaurs: A Wrestler's Story

photo by Shane Karns

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