Employment Eligibility Search

This search function is for employers seeking to hire active Members in good standing within a specific geographic location or Production Center.

For detailed information about the DGA's Local Employment and Production Center policies, CLICK HERE.

New Search Filter OptionsNew personal attributes are now available as searchable filters below. DGA members now have the ability to publicly self-identify as LGBTQ+, Disabled, Transgender and Non-Binary

NOTE: If you wish to see if a member is eligible as a local hire, you must enter a city and a state in your search. Searching only by state will not display local hire eligibility.

Select a Geographic Area:   If the production falls within a Production Center location of Los Angeles, New York, Vancouver or Toronto, you must select the PRODUCTION CENTER from the drop-down, as local employment eligibility in those areas is based on a member’s chosen Production Center, not his or her local employment address.  If the location falls outside a Production Center, then enter the City/State or Country (Region/Province) in the respective AREA (USA ONLY) SEARCH or INTERNATIONAL SEARCH fields.   Note: you may also request a list of members by just the state, but be advised the results will not include local hire eligibility, as US city is required for that confirmation.

Select Member Filters:  To limit the search to your required category, check that category from the list.  You may also choose to filter your search to Women and Minority members.  Searches are generated based on the members’ primary and additional category classifications with the Guild.   Please make note of each member’s qualification list placement in the search results, as this may be pertinent to your employment options.

Once your selections have been made, click the SUBMIT button.  Search results are generated by the chosen Production Center or by the members’ who have a “Home” address within 75 miles of your selected location.  IMPORTANT:  If the “Local Hire Eligible” field is NO, then the member has not established his or her “Home” address as a Local Employment Address and is not eligible to be employed as a “local hire” in the area at this time.

In order to corroborate the contractual requirements regarding local employment lists, employers should select the EMAIL RESULTS button.  You will be asked to identify the production name and a contact to whom the search results will be sent.  The emailed list will include members’ names, categories, Production Center, Local Hire Eligible status, Qualifications List status and public contact information.  

If you are aware of a particular member who does not appear in your search results, please call the Membership Department at 310-289-5367.  Note: suspended members or individuals still making application with the DGA will not appear in the search results.


DGA Membership Department (310) 289-5367

All information must be completed before submitting a report request.

Enter your name in the "REQUESTED BY" field; under "PRODUCTION NAME" provide the project title and company; include the "EMAIL" address where contact list will be sent; and a "PHONE" for the Guild to call if there are any problems with this request.


The Guild will verify the request and email the contact list to the address provided. The DGA maintains the right to not supply member contact information for requests which cannot be verified.

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