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The DGA Contract Administration (DGACA) maintains lists of individuals who have met the minimum requirements for work as Unit Production Managers, First Assistant Directors, and Second Assistant Directors in the Motion Picture Industry. The requirements for placement on the Qualification Lists are negotiated by the Directors Guild of America (DGA) and the Alliance of Motion Picture and TV Producers (AMPTP). DGACA policies are established by a Board of Trustees appointed by the AMPTP. Companies signatory to the DGA Basic Agreement give preference of employment to individuals on the Qualification Lists. For more information, please visit www.dgaca.org.

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  • Southern California Qualification List
  • Third Area Qualification List
  • Multi-Camera Qualification List
  • UPM Multi-Camera Qualification List
  • Eligible to Work in Southern California Qualification List


East Coast

For information and placement on The New York Qualification List or The Eligible to Work in Southern California Qualification List, please visit www.dgaca-east.org.

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In order to provide employers with qualified and available Assistant Directors and Unit Production Managers, the DGA & AICP maintain several qualifications lists.

An employer who is signatory to the DGA-AICP national collective bargaining agreement must give preference of employment to individuals who have met the requirements for placement on the appropriate qualifications list. Specific work requirements must be met and documentation provided for placement on these lists. Should you wish to be eligible for DGA employment in these categories, you must meet specific criteria which is set forth in the commercial collective bargaining agreement. For more information, please visit www.dga-cql.org.

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  • New York Commercial Qualification List
  • Southern California Commercial Qualification List
  • Third Area Commercial Qualification List



The DGACA is not affiliated with the Directors Guild of America.


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