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Created under the guidance of the DGA Website Advisory Committee, appointed by the National Board and chaired by directors Thomas Schlamme and Jesús Treviño, the DGA website has been redesigned with more intuitive and user-friendly navigation, robust search capabilities, streaming video, and a wider range of online services that make use of the many technological advances developed since the last DGA website overhaul in 2001.

"I think that the website will bring members of all generations into the digital age and provide the Guild with state-of-the-art information and communication capabilities," said Treviño.

"The desire to use the website is going to increase exponentially because of how much easier it is," added Schlamme. "Paying dues online is a big thing, but for me, the new access to the visual histories is the greatest asset of this new website. It's a learning tool that shows you what other members have thought about things, how they worked and what they did."

"The Guild invested significant time and resources into building a modern website that would both meet our members' needs and appropriately reflect the fact that our members work in a visual medium," said National Executive Director Jay D. Roth. "We spent two years conceptualizing, designing, building and testing and I hope that our members are as excited about it as we are."  

Site Features:

"One of the biggest innovations of the site is the seamless integration between the information available to DGA members and what's available to the general public," said DGA Assistant Executive Director Communications, Morgan Rumpf. "No longer will members have to enter a separate DGA Members Only website, but by logging on as a member, a wider array of possibilities automatically appears including information on screenings, upcoming events, and meeting dates and activities of the Guild's councils and committees. Members are encouraged to log in immediately when visiting the site to ensure they are getting the full range of information available."

The DGA website features a look and feel that better represents DGA members as the masters of the moving image. The homepage boasts an array of images that form the gateways into articles and video covering the latest news and events of the Guild. Situated directly below the "carousel" are other articles and information to keep members abreast of what's happening at the DGA, and the "What's New" ticker is designed to keep users up to date on news and events. To the left of the carousel is a list of Quick Links and Resouces that allow users to navigate to other sections of the site with just one click, and to the right of the carousel is Advanced Search Options and buttons linking to useful Employer Information.

Beyond the homepage, the site has been reorganized into functional sections - making the vast amounts of information available at the click of a mouse:

Primary Navigation:

The Guild

This section contains search functions and information about the members, leaders, councils and committees, diversity, departments, and history of the DGA.


Here you will find all the DGA agreements such as the BA and FLTTA, DGA rate cards, and a new area dedicated to Creative Rights issues. The contracts are posted as PDFs formatted for printing and organized for easy access.


This area hosts the members only calendar of the upcoming meetings, screenings and special events at the Guild, complete with an RSVP function that will send notices to your personal calendars, as well as a library of past events coverage.


Honoring the outstanding achievements of directors and their teams, this section contains a searchable history of all winners and nominees of the DGA Awards, DGA Honors, and DGA Student Film Awards.


A celebration of the craft of directing, with libraries of articles and video from Director Q&As, 75th Anniversary events, current and past issues of DGA Quarterly magazines and video interviews from the Visual History program.


This section is designed to assist entities seeking to hire DGA members with a single repository of the information and necessary materials required to do work with the membership and the Guild itself, as well as a new "Employment Eligibility Search" function that provides a vital link between DGA members and potential employers.


This section is a repository of the DGA press releases and Guild news articles from DGA Monthly, with "Members Only News" articles that can only be accessed by logging in.


This new section hosts information about the Guild's efforts to promote legislation that protects the economic and creative rights of its members, and information about the DGA PAC.

Members Only Features:

Logging in

If you have not previously customized your own log-in credentials for www.dga.org, you will need to register as a new user. If you have forgotten your username and/or password, the new site's log in screens will assist you through the process of recovering your information, or setting up a new log in. For additional assistance with logging in contact DGA Web Support at (310) 289-2082 or via email at dgawebsupport@dga.org.

Member Online Account Menu

Your online account is a high security area available only to you. It provides access to a number of Guild services. The menu controlling access to these pages is located at the very top of the site, but only visible after you log in as a member.


This page gives you a comprehensive summary of your membership dues over the last eight quarters. If applicable, you will also see a summary for any dues payment agreements and/or initiation fee payment agreements you may have. A billing summary is provided to make it easy to understand your current balance in each of these areas. This screen is also the starting place to report earnings and make payments, including Political Action Committee (PAC) contributions.


This screen allows you to add yourself as available for employment under the appropriate list(s) for which you are qualified. These lists are publicly available to employers who may use them to contact you for employment.

Account Settings

This is your master control of your online services. You can update your member profile information, change your username and password, change your address and contact information, sign up to receive updates from DGA Committees, and other activities.

Earnings & Residuals

Here you can see a summary of your residuals and reported earnings over the last twelve quarters. The summaries can also be filtered for specific results and you can drill down into each row in the grid for more details including: category, payer, project, episode, type and amount.

Work Report Page

This page has been created for members who would like to report their work online. A member can report work for him/herself and the crew.

DGA Website Advisory Committee:

  • Thomas Schlamme, Chair
  • Jesús Treviño, Chair
  • Laura Belsey
  • Gary Donatelli
  • Randal Kleiser
  • Cleve Landsberg
  • Dennis Mazzocco
  • Scott Rindenow
  • Carl Weathers
  • Thomas Whelan

For more information or assistance, please contact DGA Web Support at (310) 289-2082 or email dgawebsupport@dga.org

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How to Report Earnings and Pay Dues Online

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How to Add Yourself to an Availability List

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