Becoming Signatory

This section contains information, applications and forms for new companies that wish to become a signatory of the DGA. Please read this information carefully before downloading, filling out and returning the requisite materials. Or if you have a question, please ask the Signatories Department.

Producers intending to employ DGA members must contact the Guild no later than four (4) weeks before scheduled Principal Photography of the intended project.


Step 1.

If you require assistance from the DGA Signatories Department to determine which package you should use to begin the signatory procedure, you may be asked the following:

  • Name of Producer Company
  • Project Title
  • Type of project (Theatrical Feature, Movie for Television, Television Series, etc.)
  • Name of Director
  • Principal Photography Start Date
  • Project location
  • Budget
  • Intended Initial Release
  • Company contact information: Name, Title, telephone, email, website


Step 2.

With the information provided by the initial call to the Signatories Assistant, we will help you determine which signatory package best fits your needs and direct you to its location or email you a link to the requisite materials within one business day.


Step 3.

Return the signatory application and forms with all the necessary signatures by the authorized representative of the producing company.


Step 4.

Upon return of the completed and signed signatory application and forms, the Guild will determine if the producer company presented is the appropriate signatory entity, based on the information provided. Further information may be required.


Step 5.

Signatory status will be given to the Producer at the time the Guild is confident that the necessary signatory and financial assurances' documents have been provided. The signatory and financial assurances documents will be circulated to the appropriate parties, signed by the authorized representative of the signatory Producer, and delivered to the Guild prior to the commencement of Principal Photography. A payroll deposit is required. It is important to discuss the delivery of the payroll deposit with the Signatory Representative early in the signatory process.

Note: DGA members may provide their professional services only to Producers with current DGA signatory status.

Signatories Department (310) 289-5348
Bruce Anderson
Commercial Signatory Representative
Signatory Packages by Category

This section contains information and forms categorized by project type for your convenience.