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Lesli Linka Glatter

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Lesli Linka Glatter


Through the collective voice of more than 19,500 members that the DGA represents, the Guild seeks to protect directorial teams' legal and artistic rights, contend for their creative freedom, and strengthen their ability to develop meaningful and credible careers. On behalf of the DGA membership and staff, I hope you find our site useful and informative, and that you return often.

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The DGA proudly represents more than 19,500 professionals, and our membership continues to grow with added talent, diversity, and experience. This site provides access to profile pages for our members, including credit summaries and contact information.

2021 National Board Group

Click below to view a list of the DGA's National Board of Directors and the DGA Staff.


The DGA's national committees are organized into Diversity Committees, which are dedicated to protect classes, Coordinating Committees, which deal with specific geographic regions, and Special Committees such as the Independent Directors Committee and the Special Projects Committee.


The DGA membership is represented by six councils of elected officials. Councils are designated by their specific categories: Directors; Assistant Directors and Unit Production Managers; Associate Directors, Stage Managers and Production Associates; and by geographic area.

DGA Department

The DGA staff is organized into these departments: Communications, Contracts, Credits, Government Affairs, Legal, Membership, Operations, Residuals, Reports Compliance, Signatories, and Special Projects.

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The DGA aims to increase and support diversity in the entertainment community through membership committees, networking opportunities and job training and mentoring programs. Information about the Guild’s diversity efforts, programs and reports can be found on this page.


The DGA owns and operates three theaters at its Los Angeles headquarters, and another in its building in New York. In addition to serving as the venue for DGA membership screenings, both theater complexes are available to rent for non-DGA events such as premieres, screenings, and festivals.


Since its founding in 1936, the DGA has had a rich and vibrant history. To see highlights of the activities and achievements during the more than 80 years of its existence, please use the link below.

DGA Communications Department (310) 289-5333
Before the Guild

Take a look back at how the labor struggles of early Hollywood led to the founding of the DGA.

A More Perfect Union

The merger of East and West Coast directors in 1960 led to many of the benefits members enjoy today.