Availability and Production Lists

Production Lists

DGA Members, publication of the Productions Lists has resumed. Log in to view the Lists in the sidebar to the right.

The Production Lists are divided into a list for the BA contracts, another for the FLTTA contracts, and a list for Networks and Local Television Stations. The information is separated by state within each list, and include a clickable state index for easy navigation. These lists are provided as a resource for networking of current and future projects, but are not a job referral or employment service as there is no promise of openings on the productions listed.

  • For questions concerning projects shooting in the Eastern area of the United States, please contact Hannah Donigan at 212-258-0805 or email HDonigan@dga.org.

  • For questions concerning projects shooting elsewhere in the United States and abroad, please contact Steve Nguyen at 310-289-2096 or e-mail snguyen@dga.org.

Availability Lists 

These lists inform prospective employers of whose names are on the DGACA Qualification List, who are available for hire and how those members can be contacted.  These lists are published on a weekly basis and separated by DGA category and region, with the exception of the Weekly Tape which publishes a national list.

To view the Availability Lists please use the links in the sidebar to the right.  

DGA Members, to place yourself on an Availability List, please log in and use the "Availability" link in the members only navigation menu at the top of the page. Although members may "check-in" or "check out" of the appropriate lists online, all members must continue to fulfill their obligation to report all employment by calling the DGA Work Report Line at (310) 289-2040.

Members also have the continued option to request placement on the Availability Lists by calling the DGA.

  • If you have questions about the West Coast Availability Lists (including Low Budget) please Steve Nguyen at 310-289-2096 or via e-mail at snguyen@dga.org
  • If you have questions about the East Coast Availability Lists (including Low Budget) please contact Hannah Donigan at 212-258-0805 or via email at  HDonigan@dga.org
  • For a report of members eligible for local hire employment in a specific geographic area, please call Ayelet Ifrah at 310-289-2092 or via email at AIfrah@dga.org

Be sure to include your name, contact number and the category and which Availability List you wish to be added to/removed from.

Please note: To protect members from phishing, spam or potential fraudulent activity, email addresses will no longer be listed on the Availability Lists PDFs.


West Coast Availability List contact:
Steve Nguyen
(310) 289-2096
East Coast Availability List contact:
Hannah Donigan
(212) 258-0805
(Employers Only)
For Members Eligible for
Local Hire Employment contact:
Ayelet Ifrah
(310) 289-2092
DGA Report Work Line (310) 289-2040
Availability Lists
Multi Cam AD (Non-Qualified) (123KB)
Multi Camera (143KB)
National Tape (132KB)
New York Commercial (153KB)
New York Film/TV (Full) (153KB)
New York Film/TV (1AD) (126KB)
New York Film/TV (2AD) (130KB)
New York Film/TV (Second 2nd AD) (130KB)
New York Film/TV (Add’ 2AD) (130KB)
New York Film/TV (UPM) (125KB)
New York Film/TV (Location Manager) (79KB)
SoCal Commercial (165KB)
SoCal Film/TV (1AD) (144KB)
SoCal Film/TV (2AD) (136KB)
SoCal Film/TV (Second 2nd AD) (131KB)
SoCal Film/TV (Add’ 2AD) (127KB)
SoCal Film/TV (UPM) (132KB)