Spring 2017

Allison Reames

For Reames, there's nary a break in the action


For associate director Allison Reames, each day brings a new, fast-paced challenge. "We're like a little TV factory," she says, discussing her team's work on daytime soap opera General Hospital. "[We'll] shoot seven, sometimes nine shows in five days."

Unlike a network or cable drama, which may spend an entire day filming a few pages of the screenplay, soaps like General Hospital can film anywhere from 90 to 140 pages on a given day, per Reames.

Initially, Reames was a production associate, alternating between prep and the control room, but as an AD, she now switches between the control room and the editing bay.

"One day [I'm] with the cast, director and stage manager," she explains, "[and] the next editing an entire show."

Reames enjoys the camaraderie that comes from working on a daily show that is almost never on hiatus, noting that "the little challenges are a fun way of mixing things up."

(Photo: Tricia Noble)

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