DGA Quarterly Spring 2017 Director Sam Mendes

Bonding with Sam Mendes

A celebrated filmmaker right out of the gate, Sam Mendes juggles movies and theater with the virtuosity of a wunderkind, and the experience of a seasoned pro.

DGA Quarterly Spring 2017 Re-Animated Bill Condon Beauty and the Beast
Directors such as Bill Condon, Jon Favreau and Kenneth Branagh breathe live-action life into animated Disney classics.
DGA Quarterly Spring 2017 Gina Prince-Bythewood Shots Fired
The new series from Gina Prince-Bythewood and Reggie Rock Bythewood, reflects the racial strife prevalent in today’s headlines.
DGA Quarterly Spring 2017 Thirtysomething
A thirtysomething Reunion
Four thirtysomething cast members—Timothy Busfield, Peter Horton, Melanie Mayron and Ken Olin—discuss how the landmark series shaped their careers as directors.
DGA Quarterly Spring 2017 Cooking Shows
As pros Eytan Keller, Brian Smith and Paul Starkman attest, the action on cooking competition shows is frantic and the directing is far from cookie cutter.
DGA Quarterly Spring 2017 Casting
TV directors speak out on their role in the process even as remote online methods threaten to push them "out of the room."
DGA Quarterly Spring 2017 Breaking the Mold Logan
Logan director James Mangold explains how to reinvigorate the superhero genre.
DGA Quarterly Spring 2017 Collaborators Sofia Coppola Anne Ross
Sofia Coppola and Anne Ross
For The Beguiled, Director Sofia Coppola and Production Designer Anne Ross talk color schemes, mood boards and the value of actual locations.
DGA Quarterly Spring 2017 Screening Room Superman
Patty Jenkins
Patty Jenkins, while in post on her own comic book opus, Wonder Woman, waxes nostalgic on the Richard Donner film Superman.
DGA Quarterly Spring 2017 David O. Russell Silver Linings Playbook
Silver Linings Playbook
Director David O. Russell deconstructs the riveting third act of his acclaimed 2012 serio-comedy Silver Linings Playbook — a dance competition sequence with high stakes for all involved.
DGA Quarterly Spring 2017 Gadgets Turbo Ace Matrix X8
Floating on Air
We examine three drones and their capabilities to affordably heighten the director's canvas.
DGA Quarterly Spring 2017 Crossover Denise Di Novi
Denise Di Novi
A veteran producer makes her directorial debut, and gets closer to the action in the process, with Unforgettable.
DGA Quarterly Spring 2017 Craig Gillespie
Selling Cars with Compassion
Commercial director Craig Gillespie opts for nuance over broad strokes in Saatchi & Saatchi's Toyota campaign.
Rhythm and Blues
The music biopic, with its rise/fall/redemption dramatic arc, is a ripe subject for directors.