Winter 2013

FilmCraft: Directing
(Focal Press, 192 pages, $29.95)
By Mike Goodridge

In this fourth installment of a series focusing on the craft of filmmaking, Mike Goodridge profiles 16 of the world’s most respected directors working today, from Terry Gilliam to Paul Greengrass, as well as five influential filmmakers who shaped the medium’s first century. The result is a vivid volume that for all its visual rich- ness serves as a serious appraisal of the art form, an intimate profile of the world’s most accomplished directors, and a surprisingly useful how-to guide for young filmmakers.

Each interview is illustrated with well-chosen, behind-the-scenes set shots, storyboards, script revisions, and (often scribbled) notes straight from the director’s own red pen. For all of their individual differences, the filmmakers included here shine their own personal light on what it means to be a director: physically, emotionally, and artistically.

Review written by Carley Johnson


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