House of Cards
House of Cards is Netflix's first original series. But the real difference is that David Fincher and a team of five directors are calling the shots.
Law & Order: SVU
Jean de Segonzac and a host of directors have kept Law & Order: Special Victims Unit fresh, fast-paced and inventive for 14 seasons. It may be familiar but it’s never routine.
Troy Miller
Troy Miller, the director of the opening short films for the Academy Awards explains what it's like asking George Clooney to kiss Billy Crystal, and other embarrasing moments.
Lynn Shelton
Working quickly with a micro-budget and a sympathetic cast and crew, Lynn Shelton has churned out four films in four years, including her latest, Touchy Feely.
Women Directors on TV
Most people in the industry agree the number of female directors in episodic TV is appalling. We asked showrunners, network executives and DGA members to weigh in on how to solve the problem.
Milos Forman
In Vittorio De Sica’s charming Miracle in Milan, the poor literally rise above it all. Milos Forman explains why the film touched him so deeply in his youth.
DGA Quarterly Interview Mischer
Don Mischer
Don Mischer has been capturing great moments in popular culture—the Oscars, Olympic opening ceremonies, Super Bowl halftime shows—on live TV for more than 35 years. For his pitch perfect work he has won more DGA Awards than any other director
Patty Jenkins
Patty Jenkins had always had a taste for crime and comedy. Going from Monster to Arrested Development was no big deal.
Covering Hurricane Sandy
Amidst the indescribable damage of Hurricane Sandy, local news directors had to be the calm in the eye of the storm. The stories they broadcast bore witness to the tragic events.
A Global Community of Filmmakers
Directors have always been part of a global community of filmmakers. We present a photo gallery of international directors at work who have profoundly influenced the craft.
Hard Boiled
In his groundbreaking and influential Hong Kong feature Hard Boiled, John Woo created a style and template for modern action movies.
DGA Quarterly
Winter 2013