Theater One: Now Undergoing Upgrade Project

In our on-going efforts to provide our members with the most optimal theatrical viewing experience, the DGA is currently in the process of upgrading both audio and projection systems in Los Angeles Theater One. These renovations are scheduled to finish by September.

The DGA Theater Complex is recognized throughout the entertainment industry as one of the preeminent screening, private reception, and film premiere facilities in the United States.
This private screening facility is designed to provide the ideal environment for industry professionals to screen their films. Each Theater is equipped with film, digital sound and digital video projection systems, carefully designed sight lines and comfortable seating.

The Los Angeles complex is located at 7920 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90046.

DGA Theater One is a 600-seat Theater equipped with the following:

Digital Projection

  • Dolby Vision (Coming in September 2019!)
  • Barco DP4K-32B D-Cinema "4K" Projector
  • Barco Alchemy D-Cinema screen server
  • Dolby 3D capabilities
  • Multi-standard video decks (Digital Betacam, Betacam SP, Blu-Ray and DVD)
  • DVI-D and SVGA Computer Graphics Capabilities (Powerpoint) from stage position


  • Dolby Atmos (Coming in September 2019!)
  • Dolby CP-850 Digital Cinema Sound Processors
  • Dolby DMA8 Plus Digital Media Adaptor
  • Dolby Digital 7.1 and 5.1 discreet audio
  • Dolby SR-D, Dolby SR, Dolby E audio formats
  • Q-SYS Network Audio System, QSC Digital Power Amplifier System


  • Dual Norelco AA II 35mm/70mm Reel to Reel Capabilities
  • Control
  • Theatrical Stage Lighting
  • Mackie 24 Channel Audio Mixing Console
  • Shure Microphones

The DGA facility contains three subterranean levels of secure/protected parking, staffed with professional parking personnel to address all of your special event parking requirements. In addition to a DGA owned and operated 140 car overflow parking area in the Sunset-Lofts development, directly across Hayworth Avenue.

The DGA's Theater Managers, Projection staff, Security, Parking and Engineering personnel are all committed to providing our patrons with the on-site support required to provide a first class presentation.


For more information regarding the Los Angeles Theater Complex please contact Tim Webber at
(310) 289-2021


Tim Webber - Los Angeles Venues (310) 289-2021
Ashley Alvarez - New York Venues (212) 258-0811
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Reminder: DGA Los Angeles Theater One to Undergo Upgrades

The DGA is upgrading both audio and projection systems in Los Angeles Theater One. The project begins in March 2019.