Grand Lobby, Atrium & Patio

Ideal for screenings, premieres, and special events, the DGA Grand Lobby and Atrium feature high ceilings, exhibit areas and a dramatic design.

The DGA Theater Complex is located at 7920 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90046.


The DGA Theater Complex is recognized throughout the entertainment industry as one of the preeminent screening, private reception, and film premiere facilities in the United States.

These spacious areas provide our clientele with an ideal environment for their catering and art direction staff to incorporate bold décor, lighting and exhibits into their special event and receptions.

The DGA facility contains three subterranean levels of secure/protected parking, staffed with professional parking personnel to address all of your special event parking requirements. In addition, the DGA owns and operates a 140 car overflow parking area in the Sunset-Lofts development, directly across Hayworth Avenue.

The DGA's Theater Managers, Projection staff, Security, Parking and Engineering personnel are all committed to providing our patrons with the on-site support required to provide a first class presentation.



For more information regarding the Los Angeles Theater Complex please contact Tim Webber at
(310) 289-2021


Tim Webber - Los Angeles Venues (310) 289-2021
Amy Lansky - New York Venues (212) 258-0811
Location Map
Plot Plan
DGA Theaters Protocols Update: Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination is Now Required to Attend DGA Screenings

UPDATE: In compliance with recently enacted Public Health Orders, masking and proof of vaccination against COVID-19 is now required to attend all DGA screenings in Los Angeles and New York.

DGA Unveils New State-of-the-Art Theater

The new theater is envisioned by directors to bring out the best in the feature film experience.