Ali Cherkaoui

1st AD

Born & raised in Casablanca, living in Paris & working around the Globe...

Currently showing on NETFLIX - 6 Episodes / Limited Serie

THE SPY directed by Gideon RAFF, with Sacha BARON COHEN, Noah EMMERICH, Hadar RATZON ROTEM...




GUNPOWDER MILKSHAKE (Feature) , Shot on location & at Studio Babelsberg in Berlin, Germany (54 Days / 12 weeks )

Directed by Navot PAPUSHADO

Produced by : THE PICTURE COMPANY (Andrew RONA, Alex HEINEMAN) & STUDIOCANAL  // Executive Producer : Luc ETIENNE 

DOP : Michael SERESIN, Production Designer : David SCHEUNEMANN - Cost Designer : Louise FROGLEY...

Cast : Karen GILLIAN, Lena HEADEY, Paul GIAMATTI, Angela BASSET, Michelle YEOH, Carla GUGINO... 

1st AD (Features & TV Series) :

THE SPY (Netflix TV Serie) directed by Gideon RAFF   MRS MILLS (Feature) directed by Sophie MARCEAU — MARS - SEASON 1 (Nat Geo TV Serie) directed by Everardo GOUT — PATTAYA (Feature) directed by Franck GASTAMBIDE — THE BUREAU - S1 (Canal + TV Serie)directed by Laïla MARRAKCHI— THE HUNGER GAMES : MOCKINGJAY : Pt 1 & Pt 2 (Feature / 1st AD France)directed by Francis LAWRENCE—  PERCEPTION - Ep. 301 "PARIS" (TV Serie) directed by Ken BILLER — HOMELAND - Ep 311 / 312 (Fox 21 TV Serie) directed by Dan MINAHAN / Lesli LINKA GLATTER —  THE NARROW OF MIDNIGHT (Feature) directed by TALA HADID — THE FAR CRY EXPERIENCE - S1 (Ubisoft Web Serie) directed by Antoine BLOSSIER — ROCK THE KASBAH (Feature) directed by Laïla MARRAKCHI — TOMORROW COMES TODAY (Feature) directed by Ming LANG-CHEN — THE WOMAN WHO BRUSHED OFF HER TEARS (Feature) directed by Teona MITEVSKA — HUGO (Feature / 1st AD France) directed by Martin SCORSESE —  MONTE CARLO (Feature / 1st AD France) directed by Thomas BEZUCHA — CIRKUS COLUMBIA (Feature) directed by Danis TANOVIC — GI  JOE : Rise of the Cobra (Feature / 1st AD France) directed by Stephen SOMMERS — JULIE & JULIA (Feature / 1st AD France) directed by Nora EPHRON —  NINE MILES DOWN (Feature) directed by Anthony WALLER —  THE HAPPENING  (Feature / 1st AD France) directed by M. Night SHYAMALAN —  NATIONAL TREASURE 2 : BOOK OF SECRETS (Feature / 1st AD France) directed by Jon TURTELTAUB —  ENTOURAGE - Ep 412 : THE CANNES KIDS (TV Serie / 1st AD France) directed by Mark MYLOD —   I AM FROM TITOV VELES (Feature) directed by Teona MITEVSKA —   THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA (Feature / 1st AD France) directed by David FRANKEL —   PARIS, JE T'AIME : 15th  (Feature) directed by Christopher BOE —   TENERIFE : CRASH OF THE CENTURY (Feature) directed by Chantal HÉBERT —    MAROCK (Feature) directed by Laïla MARRAKCHI—    LE DIVORCE  (Feature / 1st AD : Retakes) directed by James IVORY —   NAPOLEON (TV Serie) directed by Yves SIMONEAU

2nd AD  (Features & TV Series) :

MUNICH (Feature / 2nd AD France) directed by Steven SPIELBERG — SEX AND THE CITY - S6 (HBO TV Serie / 2nd AD France ) directed by Tim VAN PATTEN — ALEXANDER(Feature / 2nd AD Morocco) directed by Oliver STONE — DANNY THE DOG  (Feature) directed by Louis LETERRIER — NAPOLEON (TV Serie) directed by Yves SIMONEAU — BLACK HAWK DOWN (Feature / 2nd AD Morocco) directed by Ridley SCOTT — SPY GAME (Feature / 2nd AD Morocco) directed by Tony SCOTT — THE FOUR FEATHERS (Feature / 2nd AD Morocco) directed by Shekhar KAPUR — ARABIAN NIGHTS (TV Series / 2nd AD Morocco) directed by Steve BARRON — RULES OF ENGAGEMENT (Feature / 2nd AD Morocco) directed by William FRIEDKIN — GLADIATOR (Feature / 2nd AD Morocco) directed by Ridley SCOTT — THE MUMMY (Feature / 2nd 2nd AD Morocco) directed by Stephen SOMMERS

1st AD on TV COMMERCIALS with the following  :

Directors : jonathan zames - arnaud uyttenhove - ivan grbovic - michael bay - fabrice coton & raphaël aupy - jeff labbé - juan solanas - jean becker - thierry rajic - keith bearden – the legs - philippe andré – amir chamdin - katie bell - chris wilcha - lars knorrn - martin arnaldo - eran creevy - tony kaye - zac - james huth - matthijs van heijningen - benny boom - jordan scott - joe pytka - ric hawkes - tchad nelson brown - pelle seth - douglas law - vincent jérôme

Production Companies : wtbr / where the buffalo roam (us) - caviar content (fr) - the institute (us) - prodigious (fr) - academy (uk) - stoked (lb) - partizan (uk) - dounia productions (ma) - bbd productions (fr) - stink france (fr) - big productions (fr) - wanda productions (fr) – tokib productions (fr) - bikini films (uk)  - warm & fuzzy @ gang films (fr)  - chelsea pictures (us)  -  peninsula film/jake prod (fr) -  neue sentimental film (de)  - orange films (fr)  - premiere heure (fr)  - between the eyes (uk)  - vip films (dubai)  - label tele (fr)  - quad (fr)  - mjz (uk)  - louka films (fr)  - fm rocks (us)  -  rsa films ltd (uk)  - franco american (fr) - rsa films ltd (uk)  - ricandjo tv (uk)   - 1/33 (fr)  - ldm (fr)


  • TRILINGUAL : ENGLISH, FRENCH, ARABIC (Moroccan Dialect / Classical Arabic)


  • EUROPE : france, united kingdom, scotland, belgium, germany, czech republic, austria, hungary, former yugoslav republic of macedonia, malta, turkey, bosnia & herzegovina, slovenia
  • AFRICA : morocco (all over the country), tunisia
  • MIDDLE EAST : turkey, qatar, united arab emirates (dubai), oman
  • ASIA : india, thailand, china, philippines


  • FILE MAKER PRO : Computer Development of an « Extras Database System » using Bar Code Badges designed & used in Morocco on The Mummy, Gladiator, Rules of Engagements, The Four Feathers, Spy Game, Black Hawk Down, Alexander…etc…


  • Dual Citizenship (French and Moroccan Nationalities)
  • Driving Licence, type B
  • Certified SDI "Open Water" Scuba Diver (June 2011 @ Malapascua Island, Cebu Province - The Philippines)
  • Vice President of the French Association of Assistant Directors  (a.f.a.r) [ ]    
  • Tutorship of Several Workshops re: "A.D's Skills / Movie Magic Scheduling / Final Draft  in France
  • Tutorship of "Background Action" Workshop in Geneva for European AD's & Directors

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