W. D. Hogan


W. D. Hogan began as a storyboard artist on New Line's "Mortal Kombat."  He illustrated for numerous directors including Sydney Pollack, Jaume Collet-Serra, Rawson Marshall Thurber and Cameron Crowe, on such varied features and commercials as "Jerry Maguire," "Central Intelligence," "Devil," and "Riddick."

In 2005, he made his directorial debut with "Soldier of God," an award winning feature set in the Crusades. After directing episodic for Fox, Universal and Discovery, Hogan directed features "Earth's Final Hours" (2011) and "Moving Romance" (2016).


Features: IMAX: Asteroid Impact 3D (IMAX), Late Bloomer (Hallmark/PixL), Moving Romance (Hallmark/PixL), Letter Never Sent (Hallmark/PixL), Mindgames (Solipsist Films), Zodiac (SyFy/ROP), I/D (SyFy/Cinetel/ROP), Earth's Final Hours (Cinetel/Reel One); Behemoth (Cinetel/RHI); Soldier of God (Fabrication Films). TV: Unusual Suspects (Discovery); Deadliest Warrior (SpikeTV); Fashion House (Fox). Web: Let Lorenzo (Funny or Die).