James Ivory

Features: The City of Your Final Destination; The White Countess; Le Divorce; The Golden Bowl; A Soldier's Daughter Never Cries; Surviving Picasso; Jefferson in Paris; The Remains of the Day; Howards End; Mr. & Mrs. Bridge; Slaves of New York; Maurice; A Room w/a View; The Bostonians; Heat and Dust; Quartet; The Europeans; Roseland; The Wild Party; Savages; Bombay Talkie; The Guru; Shakespeare Wallah; The Householder. TV: Jane Austen in Manhattan; The Five Forty Eight; Hullabaloo Over Georgie & Bonnie's Pictures; Autobiography of a Princess.
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Visual History
Ivory VH Interview
Visual History Interview
Acclaimed director James Ivory (The Remains of the Day, A Room with A View) looks back on his long career helming films under the legendary Merchant-Ivory Productions banner.