Mimi Leder


Director: The Leftovers; Luck; Smash; Shameless; West Wing (Emmy nominated); Director/Executive Producer: Vanished (pilot/series); Jonny Zero (pilot/series); John Doe (pilot/series); The Beast (pilot/series) (multiples); ER (Emmy winner directing, producing); China Beach (multiple Emmy nominations). DGA three-time nominee. Features: The Peacemaker; Deep Impact; Pay It Forward; The Code.

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DGA Quarterly
DGA Quarterly Magazine Spring 2018 Director Mimi Leder
Mimi Leder
A trailblazer in movies and television, director Mimi Leder has learned that knowledge is power, and tenacity is the key to success.
Mimi Leder
In her diverse and accomplished career, Mimi Leder has brought a sharp eye and fluid camera to big-budget features and emotionally charged TV series. For her, it’s all about what the characters need.