George Mihalka


Hunyadi, 10 hour Medieval Miniseries, Showrunner,Director/Executive Producer, Canada-Hungary 2019-2020, Don't Click, 2019,  Horror Feature, Ecutive Producer,24 Hour Rental(13part limited series)Director/Showrunner, Faith Fraud and Minimum Wage (Feature) Best Director Nomination DGC Awards; Sticks and Stones (MOW) Winner: L.A. Family Film Fest. Best Foreign Film; Winner: ShawRocket Prize: Best Canadian Youth/Family Film; Best Director/Best Film Nomination: Gemini Awards; Race to Mars (Mini-series) Record ratings on Canadian Cable/Discovery; Dr.Lucille (MOW) Winner: Best Film, Nominated Best Director: Gemini Awards; DaVinci's Inquest (Series)Best Director/Best Series Nomination: Gemini Awards; La Florida (Feature) Winner: Golden Reel Award; Best Director/Best Film Nomination: Genie Awards

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