Todd Holland

Favorite Showbiz Aphorism: "Hollywood is the only business where everyone wants to be second to do something."
TV: EP/Director/Co-creator: Wonderfalls (WGA Award nom), EP/Director: The Pro; Sons of Tucson; Miss Guided; Time Tunnel (pilot). Co-EP/Director: Malcolm in the Middle (2 Emmy's, DGA Award). Co-Prod/Director: Larry Sanders Show (Emmy Award, DGA noms). EP/Director/Co-Creator: Five Houses (pilot). Writer/Director: Amazing Stories.  Director: ABout A Boy; Friends With Better Lives; Shameless; 30 Rock (Emmy nom); Freakylinks (pilot); Felcity; Friends; Twin Peaks; My So-Called Life. Films: Firehouse Dog (Fox); The Wizard (Universal). Short Films: Chicken Thing, Wig
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DGA Quarterly
Todd Holland
Veteran television comedy director Todd Holland wonders if failure is more valuable than success. After all, that’s what his mother told him.