Seith Mann


The Wire; Grey's Anatomy; Friday Night Lights; Entourage; Brotherhood; Crash; Heroes; Jericho; Everybody Hates Chris; Lie to Me; Californication; Rubicon, Nurse Jackie, Elementary, The Walking Dead, He'll on Wheels, Homeland, The Breaks, Ballers, Raising Dion, New Amsterdam, #FreeRayshawn

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DGA Quarterly
Lesli Linka Glatter directing Damian Lewis in HOMELAND
As the Showtime series enters its final season, Lesli Linka Glatter and her directing team reflect on Homeland's global reach and the prescience of its storylines.
Hip Hop Boom
Hip hop continues to reverberate with deep-dive sagas that blend fact and lore from directors Seith Mann, Ed Bianchi and Benny Boom
Seith Mann
Seith Mann
Seith Mann’s steady rise in television owes much to his natural talent and his ability to stay calm in the face of obstacles.