Karen Gaviola


Partial List: Lucifer (producer/director); Animal Kingdom; Blindspot; Supergirl; The Blacklist; Hell on Wheels;Grimm; NCIS: LA; Private Practice (WIN award nominee, 2013); Lost (NAACP Award, Best Drama Directing); Brothers and Sisters; CSI: Miami; Castle; Criminal Minds; Law and Order;  CSI; Without a Trace; Prison Break;  Bones; Alias;.

Email: gavvy2000@yahoo.com
Agency: Kaplan/Stahler Talent Agency
Agent: Dino Carlaftes
Agency Phone: (323)653-4483
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DGA Quarterly Karen Gaviola
Karen Gaviola
Karen Gaviola learned her craft as an AD and has now directed almost 100 TV episodes. For her, it’s all about exercising different muscles.