Reports Compliance

The DGA Reports Compliance Department receives and processes certain contractually-required documents that are necessary to ensure Guild members receive the economic and creative rights they are due under the collectively bargained agreements. These documents include Deal Memos and Post Production Addenda, Quarterly Gross Earnings Reports, Employment Data Reports, and Weekly Work Lists.

The Department also manages the Work Report Hotline which is used by members to report their scheduled employment.

Document Submission Info
  • All reports and deal memos can be sent via email to
  • To reach members of the DGA Reports Compliance Department call (310) 289-2064.

Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are answers to frequently asked questions about DGA deal memos and reports compliance forms.

1. Does it matter which form I use?

Yes. There are different forms for different genres and categories.  Be sure you are working with a current version that reflects the correct contractual term.  The most up to date versions will always be available on the DGA website here.

2. What is the Guaranteed Period?

The guaranteed period is the amount of time the signatory company guarantees to employ the member. 

3. The Deal Memo has no place to put the Production Fee, where do I put it?

The Production Fee can be written on the “Other Conditions” line. 

4. I have hired an Assistant UPM but there is no checkbox. What should I do?

Assistant UPMs fall under the 2nd Second Assistant Director category. Mark the 2nd Second Assistant Director box and write Assistant UPM on the Other Conditions line.

5. I have hired an Audience Switcher but there is no Audience Switcher checkbox. What should I do?

The Audience Switcher falls under the Associate Director Category. Mark the Associate Director box and write Audience Switcher on the Other Conditions line. 

6. What should go on the Signatory Employer line? Should I write my name on that line and sign beneath on the “By” line?

The name of the Signatory Company should go on the Signatory Employer line and an authorized signor of the Signatory Company should sign on the “Signatory Employer Representative Signature” line underneath the name of Signatory Company. 

7. My project is for theatrical release, should I use the Basic Agreement Theatrical or Low Budget Deal Memo?

If the project’s budget is more than $11 million, use the Basic Agreement Theatrical deal memo. If the budget is equal to or less than $11 million, use the Low Budget Theatrical deal memo. 

8. I am working on an episodic series and hiring members for one day. Do I need to write the episode information on the Deal Memo?

Yes. When hiring daily employees, the episode name and number is required. If the episode name has yet to be determined, the episode number is still required.

Tips to DGA Members:

  • Always insist on a completed and signed copy of your deal memo. Check it for accuracy, and be sure that the form is forwarded to the DGA prior to the commencement of employment. It is your right.
  • To report work on a new project, please contact the Work Report Line at (310) 289-2040.
  • To place yourself on the availability list, please contact (310) 289-2096 or on the West Coast or (212) 258-0805 or on the East Coast.

If you have questions about your deal memo, contact the Reports Compliance Department at (310) 289-2064.

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