The Membership Department is responsible for processing membership applications and upgrades, as well as maintaining members’ contact information and overseeing Agency signatory agreements. 

Joining the DGA 

For eligible hires who have met certain requirements, upon the DGA's receipt of a deal memo or commercial project listing form (“CPLF”) from a DGA signatory Employer which confirms your bona fide employment in a DGA-covered category, you will be sent an application for membership which will include your required initiation fee and other information. Further information can be found under the link for your classification. The DGA does not provide applications for membership upon request.   

Your membership in the DGA is subject to approval by your category Council.  Applications for membership are submitted to the appropriate Council upon submission of a completed application form and payment of the requisite initiation fee. The DGA membership application form requires endorsements from three members within your application category, your resume and brief biography, your home address and other contact information. Your application must be notarized.   

Your DGA membership start date is the start date listed on the deal memo or CPLF of your first DGA-covered employment.  Accordingly, you may be required to report earnings and pay dues retroactive to your start date if it is prior to the fiscal quarter in which your membership is approved by your Council.   

Once your membership is approved, you will receive your DGA membership card and new member information package. 

Initiation fees are determined by your employment start date and the classification of the project on which you join the DGA.  Following are the initiation fees for the periods indicated, initiation fees are subject to change.  Initiation fees are confirmed in writing and accompany your membership application. 

DGA Initiation Fees
(July 1, 2024- June 30, 2025) 

DGA Category

Initiation Fee



Commercial, Documentary,
Low Budget Feature, Staff,


Unit Production Manager


1st Assistant Director


2nd Assistant Director


AD/UPM Low Budget

2x Weekly Salary

Associate Director


Stage Manager


AD/SM Low Budget/
Network Agreement

2x Weekly Salary

Production Associate (West)


Program Production Assistant (East)

2x Weekly Salary

Commercial Initiation Fees
(December 1, 2023 thru November 30, 2024)


Unit Production Manager


1st Assistant Director


2nd Assistant Director


DGA Headquarters - Los Angeles 310-289-2000
or toll free at 800-421-4173
DGA Offices - New York 212-258-0800
or toll free at 800-356-3754
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Credits (310) 289-2013
Government Affairs (310) 289-5358
Legal (310) 289-2014
Membership (310) 289-2000
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Reports Compliance (310) 289-2064
Residuals (310) 289-2076
Signatories (310) 289-5348
Special Projects (310) 289-2088