About the DGA Independent Directors Committees

The Directors Guild of America has two Independent Directors Committees (IDCs): the IDC West in Los Angeles, which was established in 1998, and the IDC East based in New York and created in 2002. Composed of directors actively working in independent film, these committees seek to help the Guild develop policies, programs and activities that better serve the needs of DGA Members who work in the independent and low budget film arenas, reach out to independent film directors who are not yet members of the Guild to raise their awareness of the benefits of DGA membership, and educate independent film producers about the DGA’s low budget agreements and encourage them to make use of those agreements.

Explore these pages to find out more about the benefits Guild membership can bring to independent directors and the activities of the DGA Independent Directors Committees.
IDC West - Matthew Gamarra (310) 289-5305
IDC East - Rachel Paster (212) 258-0801
Committee Chairs
Jonathan Dayton
Co-Chair - IDC West
Valerie Faris
Co-Chair - IDC West
Dan Algrant
Co-Chair - IDC East
Mary Harron
Co-Chair - IDC East
A Well-Spent Life: Documentary Director Les Blank

Documentary director Les Blank has followed his eyes, ears and stomach to capture the sights and sounds of American regional culture for over 50 years. His body of work is a unique and joyous record of how people live.

Let's Make a Movie

Working quickly with a micro-budget and a sympathetic cast and crew, Lynn Shelton has churned out four films in four years, including her latest, Touchy Feely.

Declaration of Independents

Independent directors have helped create an industry and a staggering range of films over the last 30 years.