DGA-Producer Pension & Health Plans Add New Benefits to Protect Abortion Rights for Members and Dependents


July 18, 2022

LOS ANGELES – The Board of Trustees of the Directors Guild of America–Producer Pension and Health Plans today approved several Health Plan amendments to expand coverage of abortion services to include dependent children and offer travel benefits for covered Health Plan participants living or working in covered employment locations where abortion services are no longer permitted.

DGA President Lesli Linka Glatter made the following statement supporting the Plans decisions: “The actions taken today by the Plans Trustees demonstrate strong and decisive leadership to ensure that our members and their dependents will continue to be able to have access to safe abortion services regardless of where they live and work.  I am proud that in a time when our human rights are being challenged and so much in our nation is unclear regarding abortion rights after the devastating decision by the Supreme Court, that the DGA Plans offer clear and comprehensive abortion coverage for our members.”

The Plans trustees voted unanimously to add the following two additional benefits:

  1. Expanded coverage of abortion services to dependent children of Health Plan participants
  2. Added coverage of abortion-related travel costs for covered Health Plan participants living or working in covered employment in locations where abortion services are no longer permitted. 

In addition, the Trustees reconfirmed existing coverage of both elective and medically necessary abortions and coverage of the drugs necessary to induce abortion.

“The expansion of abortion services by the Plans this morning is critical to protect the health, safety and rights of DGA members and their dependents,” said Plans Chair, Jay D. Roth in discussing the actions taken by the Trustees this morning. “The Guild and Management Trustees were unanimous in their decisions today, recognizing that travel coverage, and the inclusion of dependent children were vital additions to ensure coverage regardless of where members live and work.”

Details regarding the clarifications and added benefits will be communicated to Plans Participants.

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