Introducing the New Directors Guild Foundation Website


April 2, 2024

The Directors Guild Foundation (DGF) is delighted to unveil its newly designed website, offering a seamless and mobile-friendly experience that supports its vital efforts here within the DGA.

Click here to visit the new DGF website experience.

With a streamlined donation process, contributing to the DGF's important work is now more convenient than ever. The website also showcases the organization's rich history, keeps members updated on recent news, and highlights upcoming events like the highly anticipated DGF Golf Tournament in June 2024.

We are also proud to introduce the new Cornerstone Circles giving tiers, offering multiple contribution levels that directly aid in the DGF's critical initiatives. These include providing essential assistance to DGA members facing financial hardships via interest-free loans, help cover the Health Fairs that happen in New York and Los Angeles annually, Financial Training for DGA members, and much more, so DGA members can receive the support they need throughout the year. Additionally, the new website allows you to donate in memoriam, honoring the legacies and contributions of mentors, colleagues, or loved ones from within the entertainment community.

The Cornerstone Circle tiers available are:

  • $1,200 John Rich Circle
  • $2,500 Dorothy Arzner Circle
  • $5,000 John Singleton Circle
  • $10,000 Orson Welles Circle

Your generosity plays a crucial role in ensuring that essential resources reach those in need within the DGA community, uplifting fellow members and creating space to make a lasting impact on their lives and careers.

Furthermore, your unwavering support and partnership are invaluable in sustaining this vital foundation. Together, we can make a profound difference in the lives of those who contribute to the art and craft of Directing, fostering an industry that supports and uplifts each other.

We encourage you to explore the new DGF website, experience its seamless navigation, and consider contributing to the DGF’s mission in whatever way you can. Your involvement is deeply appreciated and instrumental in driving the DGF's efforts forward.

For more information about the Directors Guild Foundation, please contact the DGF office at (310) 289-2037 or