DGA Membership Meeting in Atlanta, GA

2023 ATL Meeting

September 21, 2023

On September 21, DGA members from several southern states attended the seventh DGA membership meeting in Atlanta, GA.

The gathering was an opportunity for these members to network with their peers, meet DGA Assistant Executive Director Mary Hatch and Senior Field Representative Bart Daudelin and hear updates about the Guild and learn more about what the DGA is doing to protect and extend their creative and economic rights.

The meeting was part of the DGA’s continuing efforts to serve members residing outside Los Angeles and New York. Hatch and Daudelin reported on the current state of the Guild and its activities, as well as local matters, and introduced DGA Fourth Vice-President Seith Mann – a fellow Atlanta resident – before inviting the attendees to contribute to the discussion during an open forum section where questions were answered and comments welcomed.

The meeting was preceded by an orientation led by Assistant Directors Yor-El Francis, Renée Hill-Sweet, Jason Inman and Kristina Peterson, where new AD and UPM members learned more about their Guild.

photos by Andrew Alonso