African American Steering Committee Co-Chairs Elected

AASC 2018

February 15, 2018

Directors Carl H. Seaton, Jr., and Salli Richardson-Whitfield have been elected as Co-Chairs of the African American Steering Committee (AASC). Assistant Director Courtney M. Franklin has also been re-elected as a Co-Chair of the Committee.

Director Jeffrey W. Byrd and 2nd AD Keisha Ansley Mills have been elected Director and AD/UPM category representatives, respectively.

The AASC was born of a desire to address the specific needs of the African-American members of the Guild with goal of advancing career and job opportunities. The Committee meets monthly planning events throughout the year celebrating the achievements of African-Americans, as well as forums with industry executives.

Carl SeatonCARL H. SEATON, JR.

Seaton’s filmography includes the feature film Of Boys and Men, the movie for television Bad Dad Rehab and episodes of Rebel, The Originals, Chicago PD and Dynasty. He has been a member of the DGA since 2007 and previously served the AASC as Co-Chair from 2014-2016.



Richardson-Whitfield’s filmography includes episodes of Eureka, Queen Sugar, Scandal, Luke Cage, Stitchers, Lethal Weapon, Survivor’s Remorse, Shadowhunters, Dear White People, Underground, The Magicians, Star and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. She has been a member of the DGA since 2010.


Courtney M. FranklinCOURTNEY M. FRANKLIN
Currently a member of the Western AD/UPM Council and a 2nd Alternate on the DGA National Board, Franklin has worked on several seasons of How to Get Away with Murder and Major Crimes, the pilots of For the People, Shark and Ugly Betty; and the feature films Barbershop and Bringing Down the House. She joined the Guild in 2002 and prior to her first term as co-chair of the Committee from 2016-2018, she previously served the AASC as the AD/UPM Category Representative.