Frankenheimer Fellowship Awarded to UCLA Film Student

Carlos Marques-Marcet

June 24, 2011

Student Director Carlos Marques-Marcet of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), is this year’s recipient of the John Frankenheimer Memorial Fellowship.

Named for the late DGA Vice President, the fellowship was established in 2003 by the Guild and John's wife, Evans Frankenheimer, and is awarded to a graduate student majoring in film directing chosen by the directing faculty on the basis of artistic merit. The student receives $5,000.

"I feel honored that an award associated with such a distinguished filmmaker name will push me to keep investigating the world we live in through the means of images and sounds," said Marques-Marcet. "It has been an essential material help and an invaluable moral support to confront my next project."

Marques-Marcet was born in Barcelona in 1983. He has lived in Denmark and Peru and graduated with a degree in visual communication from the Pompeu Fabra University in 2006.  As a student, he directed several short films, including the award-winning Final y Principio and A munt i a vall.  In 2008 Marques-Marcet was granted the prestigious "La Caixa" grant and moved to Los Angeles to complete the UCLA Film Production MFA program.

The John Frankenheimer Memorial Fellowship alternates annually between UCLA and the University of Southern California (USC). Previous UCLA recipients of the Frankenheimer Fellowship are Mitchell Gettleman (2003), Zachary Godshall (2005), Walter Richardson (2007), and Mira Lew (2009). Previous USC recipients are Jerry Chan (2004), Michael Flores (2006), Valen Hernandez (2008), and David Chen (2010).