The DGA has members who live and work all over the world. Many of the policy issues that affect DGA members in the United States also affect our members who reside outside the U.S. The DGA works to protect their interests and concerns by actively engaging with key elected officials, governmental bodies, and international organizations that represent directors around the world. The DGA keeps abreast of policy issues in the European Union and in nations around the globe, working closely with colleagues outside the U.S.

The DGA is a member of a broad range of international organizations, including: CISAC (International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers), FACF (Franco-American Cultural Fund), and UNI GLOBAL UNION - UNI MEI (Global Union for Media, Entertainment, Arts and Sports). The DGA maintains bilateral relationships with the English-speaking directors’ organizations: ADG (Australian Directors Guild), BECTU (Broadcasting, Entertainment, Cinematography and Theatre Union - UK), DGC (Directors Guild of Canada), DirectorsUK, SDGI (Screen Directors Guild of Ireland), and DEGNZ (Directors and Editors Guild of New Zealand).

The DGA is also actively involved with FERA (European Federation for Directors), L'ARP (French Directors Guild), SAA (Society of Audiovisual Authors), and SACD (French Society of Authors and Dramatic Composers).

To learn more about these international organizations, please explore the International Links to the right.

Celeste Drake
Executive in Charge of Government Affairs
(310) 289-5358
Michael Sansone
Administrative Assistant, Government Affairs
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