SFCC Hosts 2024 Annual General Membership Meeting

April 27, 2024 A San Francisco Coordinating Committee Event

On April 27, the DGA’s San Francisco Coordinating Committee (SFCC) welcomed members from all categories to the 2024 edition of their Annual General Membership Meeting and Reception. Bay Area Guild members assembled at San Francisco's McCormick & Kuletos, where SFCC Chair Jason Halley welcomed the attendees.

After Halley’s welcome, DGA Director of Commercial Contracts Winona Wacker, the staff liaison for the Committee, reported on the membership and production in the Bay Area as well as a review of the gains of the most recent round of commercial negotiations.

Wacker then turned proceedings over the day’s special guest speaker, DGA Associate National Executive Director/Western Executive Director Rebecca Rhine, who delivered a report on the state of the Guild, including the continuing rollout of the new contract provisions and the DGA Outreach Team's efforts to educate the membership about the new terms. Rhine also discussed some of the DGA’s legislative efforts including the Guild's support of the Generative AI Copyright Disclosure Act recently introduced by Congressman Adam Schiff (D-CA), and gave an update on the IA and Teamsters negotiations.

After Rhine’s briefing, the official business concluded with the nomination and election of candidates for the SFCC Executive Committee.

Director Ted Leonard, UPM Gerald Olson and 2nd ADs John Morse and Cindy Taylor were elected to serve until 2026. Continuing to serve on the SFCC Executive Committee until 2025 are Director Amyn Kaderali, 1st ADs Rachel Caproni and Bryan Gildner and 2nd ADs Jason Halley and Jerremy Stewart. This was followed by the elections for Officers, Jason Halley will continue as Chair, Rachel Caproni will continue as Vice-Chair, and newly-elected Cindy Taylor will take on the Secretary position for the year 2024-2025.

About the Committee:

The SFCC was formed in 1978 to coordinate Guild activities in the Bay Area. The Committee hosts a number of educational presentations and networking events during the year.


photos by Lawrence Gerald

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