SFCC 2023 General Membership Meeting

SFCC Hosts 2023 General Membership Meeting

March 18, 2023 A San Francisco Coordinating Committee Event

On March 18, the DGA’s San Francisco Coordinating Committee (SFCC) welcomed members from all categories to the 2023 edition of their Annual General Membership Meeting and Reception. Bay Area Guild members assembled at San Francisco's McCormick & Kuletos, where SFCC Chair Ted Leonard welcomed the attendees and introduced the event’s special guest, newly appointed DGA Western Executive Director Rebecca Rhine.

Rhine, who was there to deliver a briefing on the state of the Guild, introduced herself by sharing her history in the Bay Area and said in her career she has always looked for there to be “a balance of employers who make a profit and the health and safety of the people who do the work.” She discussed the upcoming BA/FLTTA Negotiations and explained how they will be different than usual as the DGA has created an internal communication structure called the Outreach Team, through which members will learn more about issues that matter. She also touched upon the upcoming meeting in Sacramento to extend the California Film tax incentive — which has helped keep work in region — through to 2030.

After Rhine’s briefing, DGA Associate Western Executive Director Lisa Layer reported on the recent successful conclusion of the Guild’s Network Negotiations covering work in network news and sports, operations and local news programming. Director of Commercial Contracts Michael Floyd reported on the last Board meeting and upcoming projects in the area.

The official business concluded with the nomination and election of candidates for the SFCC Executive Committee. Rachel Caproni, Bryan Gildner, Jason Halley, Amyn Kaderali and Jerremy Stewart were elected to serve until 2025. Continuing to serve on the SFCC executive committee until 2024 are Mike Doto, John Morse, Gerald Olson and Lope Yap, Jr. The elections for the Officers posts will take place at the next SFCC meeting, currently scheduled for April 26.

About the Committee:

The SFCC was formed in 1978 to coordinate Guild activities in the Bay Area. The Committee hosts a number of educational presentations and networking events during the year.


photos by Doug Birnbaum

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