An Exploration of SAG-AFTRA Contracts

November 13, 2021 A DGA & Assistant Director Training Program seminar

On November 13, DGA members joined Eastern Assistant Director Training Program (ADTP) Trainees for the online seminar, An Exploration of SAG-AFTRA Contracts. Hosted by the DGA and the ADTP, the seminar featured an in-depth discussion that covered the employment of background performers under the SAG-AFTRA Codified Basic Agreement led by Central Casting New York’s Senior Vice President Jennifer Bender, Central Casting’s Director George Moss, Central Casting Manager Brittany Gischner and SAG-AFTRA National Director, Background & NY Entertainment Contracts Stephanie Perry.

After a welcome from ADTP Administrator Sandra Forman and DGA Assistant Executive Director Mary Hatch, the seminar launched with a comprehensive presentation from the guest speakers.

During the presentation, attendees learned about the many background actor rules in the SAG-AFTRA contract's "Schedule X - Part II," where those rules apply, and how ADs can work with both Central Casting and SAG-AFTRA to help prep a successful shoot day and avoid potential setbacks.

These seminars are designed to keep the DGA membership and trainees abreast of current management practices and contract updates.



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