WSC BLT Mixer 2013

Building a Bridge for the Future: A 2013 Mixer for the Director's Team

May 7, 2013 A DGA Women's Steering Committee Event:

Recognizing that a key factor for success in our industry is building relationships, the DGA Women’s Steering Committee (WSC) invited Assistant Directors, Associate Directors, Stage Managers and Production Associates to an evening of networking and conversation at Guild Headquarters in Los Angeles on May 7, for their annual mixer for director’s team members.

Once again titled Building a Bridge for the Future, the mixer provided an opportunity for these members to make connections and lay the seeds for constructive relationships with a group of nearly thirty invited producers, Unit Production Managers and production executives with hiring authority. While open to all DGA members, this event was specifically designed for the Guild's female members.

Following an informal reception, WSC Co-Chair and Event Producer Pamela Monroe welcomed the participants and the VIP guests to this year’s mixer. Afterwards, the Assistant Directors, Associate Directors, Stage Managers and Production Associates and the VIP guests had a chance to get acquainted in one-on-one meet and greet sessions.

The participating VIP guests were:

  • UPM Richard Abramitis (Hart of Dixie)
  • Producer/UPM Neal Ahern (Touch)
  • UPM Marco Black (Vegas)
  • UPM Alan Connell (Happy Endings)
  • Producer/UPM Sara Fischer, Vice President of Production at ABC Studios
  • Production Executive/Producer/UPM Mark Glick (Revenge)
  • UPM Franklyn Gottbetter (The Mindy Project)
  • Producer/UPM Mark Greenberg (Cougar Town)
  • Producer/UPM Victor Hsu (The Gabriels)
  • Executive/Producer/UPM Duncan Henderson (Oblivion)
  • Producer/Director Tim Iacofano (Red Widow)
  • UPM Bob Kozicki (American Judy)
  • Producer/Writer/Director/UPM Stewart Lyons (Breaking Bad)
  • Co-Producer/UPM R.J. Mino (Oblivion)
  • Producer/UPM Richard Prince (CSI: NY)
  • Producer/Writer/Director Robert Rothbard (The Spirit Seeker)
  • UPM Jason Saville (Happy Endings)
  • First Assistant Director Jerram Swartz (Mistresses)
  • Producer/UPM Hilton Smith (Westside)
  • Line Producer/UPM Daniel Sollinger (Tio Papi)
  • Producer/UPM David Witz (Buddha Eyes)

After having a chance to get acquainted with our members, each of the participating VIP guests were also presented with a resume booklet of all the attending Assistant Directors, Associate Directors, Stage Managers and Production Associates.

In addition to event producer Pamela Monroe, this year’s mixer hostesses were: Dianne Bartlow, Jessica Faires, JoAnn Lowrie, Cara McCastlain, Morgan, Luc OuYang, Athena Pesante, Carrie Rudolf, Liz Ryan, and Nancy Townsend. The current WSC Co-Chairs are: Rachel Feldman, Tawnia McKiernan, Pamela Monroe and Melanie Wagor.

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