All Categories NMO 2012

New Membership Orientation for All Categories

October 25, 2012

On October 25, nearly 150 new and established DGA members of all categories attended an informal cocktail reception in the Los Angeles boardroom where they also received vital information about the inner workings of the Guild.

Following welcoming remarks by DGA President Taylor Hackford, DGA Associate National Executive Director/Western Executive Director Bryan Unger gave the participants a basic primer on the history and structure of the Guild and explained the responsibilities of the various DGA councils and committees, and the duties of the executive staff. Unger also introduced the audience to the attending committee chairs and executive staff members before turning the podium over to DGA director-members Jamie Babbit (Breaking the Girls; Drop Dead Diva) and Jesús Treviño (Visions of Aztlán; In Plain Sight). Babbit and Treviño spoke about the protections that the DGA gives its members and fielded questions from the attendees.

The orientation’s attendees also received information on DGA benefits, activities and issues directly affecting their categories from key council and committee members and DGA staffers who were there to answer other questions about the Guild.

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