Director Q&A - The House of Sand and Fog

November 18, 2003 Vadim Perelman

"I think a lot of artists make a mistake of infusing a project with a message," Perelman said. "I think that's how you get propaganda. You get triumph of the will that way. At its basis, you get commercials, which are really just, 'Buy our soap' and then you wrap everything around that."

Perelman said that since this was his first feature film, he had to fight the compulsion to "show the world what I can do with camera movement, with editing ... as a lot of first-time directors, especially commercial directors, do. But, I didn't want to suddenly say, 'Look at me. Look at me with this (film).' So, I told everybody who worked with me that, 'Anytime you see a compulsion for me to show off or to do something that takes you out of the story, takes you out of those characters faces and minds, stop.' And they did."

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