James D. Brubaker
This is a Visual History Recording

Visual History with James D. Brubaker

Interviewed by: Kevin Koster

Unit Production Manager James Brubaker discusses his long career, starting as a driver for Elvis Presley and John Wayne, to working as a UPM and producing big-budget Hollywood blockbusters.

James D. Brubaker recalls his earliest lessons learned on the sets of legendary Director John Ford and 1st AD Erich Von Stroheim Jr.

Brubaker describes how his training to be a Production Manager began when he was a driver and transportation captain working closely with Assistant Directors and Unit Production Managers.

Brubaker, who worked in various roles on the first four Rocky movies, tells a story of what he had to do as the UPM on the last shoot day of Rocky III to help Director Sylvestor Stallone achieve his vision.