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Michael Zinberg is a writer, director and producer of television series and movies for television. He began his career in 1972 directing The Bob Newhart Show.

Since then, he has directed episodes of Taxi; Lou Grant; WKRP in Cincinnati; Family Ties; Who's the Boss; L.A. Law; Coach; Boston Public; The Guardian; Everybody Loves Raymond; The Practice; Lost; and Gilmore Girls; among many others. He has also directed the movies for television Not Until Today; Homeroom; Wildest Dreams; For the Very First Time; Accidental Meeting; and most recently, A Christmas Wedding.

In 1991, Zinberg won a DGA Award for his work on the dramatic series, Quantum Leap. As a producer, he has received Emmy nominations for Quantum Leap three years in a row from 1990 to 1992, and previously received an Emmy nomination for his work on The Bob Newhart Show in 1977.

Michael Zinberg is co-chair of the DGA's Television Creative Rights Committee, and has served as a Member and an Alternate on the DGA's Western Directors Council.

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