DGA Quarterly Winter 2006 10 Questions Jack Valenti
Jack Valenti
Former MPAA President Jack Valenti defends the ratings system.
DGA Quarterly Steven Spielberg
Steven Spielberg
Steven Spielberg just seems to get better with age, yet he never loses the boyish enthusiasm that makes his films so special.
DGA Quarterly Winter 2006 70 Years of Milestones
The Guild's history is a collection of accomplishments, big and small victories and extraordinary people who helped make it work. Here is a selective look at some of the highlights from the first 70 years.
DGA Quarterly Winter 2006 Steady Growth
The Evolution of the DGA
Over the years, the Guild and its professional staff have had to adjust to changing times, an industry in constant flux and the evolving needs of its members.
DGA Quarterly Winter 2006 A Guild is Born
Founding the Guild
The forward-thinking directors who came together to found the Guild in 1936 were seeking to protect the same creative rights the Guild fights for today.
DGA Quarterly Winter 2006 Visually Speaking
The Visual History Program
The Visual History Program preserves a living record of the Guild with an ongoing series of in-depth interviews with members.
DGA Quarterly Winter 2006 Funny Business Carl Reiner
Carl Reiner
Carl Reiner has been hosting the DGA Awards for 20 years. His secret? Worry, trust and unpreparedness.
DGA Quarterly Winter 2006 In My Opinion Steven Soderbergh
Steven Soderbergh
National Vice President Steven Soderbergh contemplates the future of the business.
DGA Quarterly Winter 2006 Independent Voice Jim Jarmus
Jim Jarmusch
Few directors in the last 25 years have the street credibility or indie credentials of Jim Jarmusch.
DGA Quarterly Winter 2006 Industry
Working in a New Medium
As technological changes go, nothing can top the advent of television. Here's what it was like for its early directors.
DGA Quarterly Winter 2006 On the Job Abby Singer
The Shot Known 'Round the World
Though his shot precedes him, the longtime AD, UPM, and producer gets a kick out of how his name has become standard production slang.
DGA Quarterly Winter 2006 On the Job Dick McWhorter
AD to the Rescue
Working as a messenger boy at Columbia in January 1936, McWhorter attended the DGA's first public meeting at the Hollywood Athletic Club.
DGA Quarterly Winter 2006 On the Job Candy Martinez Esperanza
Mentor of the Newsroom
Having spent 34 years at WABC in New York, Martinez, who recently received the Franklin J. Schaffner Award, enjoys bringing middle school and high school kids into the studio for a glimpse of the broadcast world.
Guild Founders On Set
The founders of the Guild were not labor leaders or businessmen - they were working directors. A selection of shots captures them on their day jobs.
DGA Quarterly Winter 2006 Shot to Remember Amadeus
Milos Forman made a spectacle of Amadeus over 20 years ago. He talks about achieving a mix of Old World craft and Hollywood style.
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