Directors, UPMs and ADs talk about the current state of shooting stateside.
The following is an excerpt from a speech Wim Wenders presented at this year's PHOTO L.A.
Geographical stand-ins, doublings, have a winning way about them even when they get all dressed up with nowhere to go.
Legendary director Elia Kazan died in September, leaving behind a legacy of work that ensured his place among the greatest directors in film history. Brilliant and controversial, Kazan explored multiple facets of human nature in his films.
When is a visual effect not a visual effect? The answer is simple: When the audience doesn't notice it.
Just two miles northeast of Hollywood & Vine in a canyon on Griffith Park's western edge, the caves have served for almost 90 years as a set for everything from oaters to outer space serials.
How appropriate that the perennial film location Vasquez Rocks gets its name from a charming ladies' man and bandit who rustled horses, robbed stagecoaches and hid from the sheriff among these breathtaking geological rock formations.
DGA Magazine
November 2003