Fall 2017

Jon Paré

Bracing for the Unpredictable


Having survived a tornado in Texas, a hurricane in Hawaii and flash floods in Arizona, veteran UPM Jon Paré knows exactly how to act in the face of Mother Nature. "It's a question of how calmly you're going to think your way through that situation," says Paré, whose credits include Beverly Hills, 90210; Charmed and 24: Legacy.

It all begins with prep and making sure the crew is ready. "If I can put the right meetings together, we can solve any problem," says Paré. "In fact, if you have the right people in the room, [those problems] are really creative challenges that you're looking forward to."

After securing his first gig on a weekly anthology series for PBS, Paré found himself qualifying to join the DGA at the tender age of 23. "I may have been one of the youngest ADs in the history of the Guild for all I know," Paré jests. "I never interviewed before, and I showed up in a three-piece suit." Paré put his best foot forward and was given his first piece of advice: "We're going to hire you, but when you show up tomorrow on the set, do not wear a three-piece suit."

(Photo: Audra Melton)

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