Fall 2017

Gady Reinhold

A CBS Fixture Makes Sure the Trains Run on Time


"I always wanted to work for CBS," says associate director Gady Reinhold. "I would set up my own control room as a kid."

Starting out in the Eye Network's tape library more than 50 years ago, Reinhold now works out of the operations control room in its Media Distribution Center, where he oversees programming like CBS This Morning, The Price Is Right and The Young and the Restless. "When the show goes on the air, my computer feeds it out to the networks," he says. His day-to-day involves working with show directors and ADs to ensure that "what goes on is what they want to go on," cueing commercials and bringing the show back precisely on schedule.

In addition, Reinhold sometimes works on special events with CBS Sports like the NCAA tournament, an intricate operation that requires absolute precision. Reinhold recalls a memorable NCAA planning meeting in which the director requested that the staff continue to ask questions until they were crystal clear on the day's plans. "Don't you be the one to make the mistake," he remembers the director saying to the crew. "Let me make it instead."

(Photo: Marcie Revens)

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