DGA Employers Section

The DGA Employers area was designed to assist entities seeking to hire DGA members with a single repository of the information and necessary materials. Below is a guide to what can be found in this area. To access these areas please use the links below.

Becoming Signatory

This section contains information, applications and forms for new companies that wish to become a signatory of the DGA.

» Learn more about Becoming Signatory

Deal Memos & Report Forms

This section contains information and forms for new and existing DGA signatory companies categorized by project type. 

» Learn more about Deal Memos & Report Forms

Local Employment Eligibility Search

This interface allows you to search for eligible DGA members by category, geographic region, qualifications status, and other criteria.

» Learn more about Employment Eligibility Search

Availability Lists

These lists inform prospective employers of whose names are on the DGACA Qualification List, who are available for hire and how those members can be contacted.

» Learn more about Availiability Lists

Production Lists

These lists are provided as a resource for networking of current and future projects, but are not a job referral or employment service as there is no promise of openings on the productions listed. 

» Learn more about Production Lists

Signatory Confirmation Database

This database lets you to determine if a particular picture was produced subject to a DGA contract or if signatory status for that picture is pending.

» Learn more about the Signatory Confirmation Database

First-Time Episodic Director Orientation Program

The Orientation Program is targeted towards educating participants about the responsibilities of a dramatic episodic television Director, and shall only be available to individuals who have been offered employment by an Employer as a ‘first-time Director.’

» Learn more about the First Time Episodic Orientation Program

O-1 and O-2 Visa Consultation Letters

Frequently asked questions about the consultation letters that must accompany petitions for O-1 and O-2 visas.

» Learn more about O-1 and O-2 Visa Consultation Letters

DGA Reports Compliance Department 310-289-5391
DGA Signatories Department (310) 289-2094
Fee Increases for Assistant Directors and UPMs Effective July 1, 2015