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About Diversity & Inclusion at the DGA

Since 1979, with the establishment of the Women’s Steering Committee, the Guild has worked to address Diversity and Inclusion issues in the industry through legal action, collective bargaining, research and reporting, and programming. In 1983, the DGA sued Warner Bros. and Columbia Pictures on behalf of women and racially and ethnically diverse members. Although the suit was dismissed in 1985, it was viewed as a positive step by the Guild; bringing to the forefront significant equity issues in the industry.

The work around Diversity and Inclusion continues to move forward through the leadership of our Diversity Committees, Television Diversity Task Force, and Feature Film Committee. From the yearly release of hiring data outlining disparities within the industry to educational opportunities facilitated by Guild members to deepen understanding, the work to be an inclusive union is ongoing.

Our Diversity and Inclusion Mission

This updated mission statement is a reflection of the Guild's deep commitment and evolving approach to Diversity and Inclusion and was approved by the National Board at its August 5, 2023 meeting.

The Directors Guild of America believes storytelling should be as diverse as the world around us, and that a critical mass of different perspectives on screen is vital for the wellbeing and development of society.

Our goal is to be a global industry leader in the fight against discrimination by working to fairly represent all of our members and to increase employment opportunities for DGA members from under-represented groups to achieve fair and equitable representation that reflects the population. We are also committed to fair and equitable representation within the Guild’s leadership and staff and are determined to build and maintain an inclusive union.

We will engage companies, studios, and producers who are responsible for hiring directors and members of the directorial team to achieve equitable, inclusive hiring practices of Guild members from historically marginalized groups like women, people of color, people with disabilities, and the LGBTQ+ community. We will create continuing educational opportunities for our existing members designed to prepare and promote a diverse talent pool. We will expand the widening of the talent pool by encouraging the industry to hire more diverse talent to join the ranks of the Guild.


DGA Director Development Initiative

The DGA provides programming focused on education, networking, career development and mentorship around episodic television directing through the Director Development Initiative. Since the program launched in 2016, 4 cohorts of members have completed the mentorship program as Protégé while hundreds of members have engaged with learning opportunities through the DDI Labs.

DDI Labs

The DDI Labs are learning opportunities open to all Guild members periodically throughout the calendar year aimed at achieving the following outcomes:

  • Creating space for peer-to-peer learning within the Guild;
  • Giving members opportunities to explore new areas of directorial interest; and
  • Supporting the strength of the craft through learning opportunities focused around episodic television.

Click here to watch video highlights and review events from the DDI Labs.

Click here to see past DDI Labs and Workshops

DDI Mentorship Program

The Mentorship Program is a 9-month program focused on increasing diversity in the directorial pipeline for episodic television by utilizing core strategies such as:

  • Pairing Protégé with seasoned episodic television Directors as Mentors;
  • Furthering the development of Protégé through intensive Craft and Career Workshops; and
  • Creating meaningful space for networking and peer-to-peer learning within a competitive cohort space.

Click here to see more from the DDI Mentorship Program

Diversity Reports

The DGA for years has called attention to the issue of diversity through the publication of highly publicized data reports rich with statistics reflecting current industry hiring trends. In these reports, we call public attention to the worst of the worst when it comes to diverse hiring practices, as well as the best of the best.

Click here to review all of the DGA’s reports on industry diversity hiring.

Diversity Committees

Several DGA committees are dedicated to building inclusive communities within the Guild to cultivate intentional spaces for underrepresented members in the entertainment industry. Each of these committees works to increase representation in the industry through meetings, seminars, networking, training, and events. For information about each Committee, click the links below.



Student Film Awards 

The Directors Guild of America Student Film Awards for African-American, Asian-American, Latino, and Women Filmmakers are designed to honor, encourage, and bring attention to outstanding minority and women film students. Over 40 film schools from around the country participate in the program. Past winners include: Jon M. Chu (In the Heights, Crazy Rich Asians); Ryan Coogler (Black PantherCreed); Nicole Kassell (WatchmenThe Americans); Patricia Riggen (The 33Lemonade Mouth); and Sylvain White (The Umbrella AcademyStomp the Yard).

DGA Diversity Award  

Betsy Beers and Shonda Rhimes The DGA Diversity Award honors outstanding commitment to and leadership in the hiring of women and ethnic minorities in DGA categories. It has been bestowed only six times in DGA history: FX Networks, 2019; Shonda Rhimes and Betsy Beers, Shondaland, 2014; Stephen McPherson, ABC Primetime Entertainment President, 2005; Home Box Office, 2000; Steven Bochco, 1999; Bruce Paltrow, John Wells & Christopher Chulack (ER), 1997.

Additional Information:

Breannah Oppenhuizen
Executive in Charge of DEI
(310) 289-5377
Alexis Stanton
Administrator of DEI Programs
(310) 289-5381
MyConnext Reporting Tool

The MyConnext Reporting Tool is a secure and private online platform that allows members to safely explore available support, understand your rights, and report workplace misconduct.

Director Development Initiative Launches 2024 TV Mentorship Program

Through this eight-month program, DGA members who aspire to be episodic television Directors (protégés) are matched with experienced episodic television Directors (mentors).

DGA Institutes Racial Harassment Hotline for Members

With the goal of pushing the entertainment industry toward achieving safer, fairer, and more equitable workplaces, the DGA has instituted a Racial Harassment Hotline for members to report racist incidents they’ve experienced in the workplace.

A Look at the Commercial Diversity Development Program

The Program reflects the commitment of the DGA and the Association of Independent Commercial Producers to effect change and increase the representation of minority and women directors in the business of commercials.

The Good Fight

Over the past 30 years, Guild diversity committees have advanced the cause of women and minority members.