EDSC SR 2016

2016 EDSC Showrunners Event

May 5, 2016 An Eastern Diversity Steering Committee Event

On May 5, nearly two dozen directors were introduced to episodic television representatives during the Eastern Diversity Steering Committee’s (EDSC) 2016 Showrunners Event. Held at the Guild's New York offices, the invitation-only event brought together qualified female directors and directors of color with producers of episodic television series shooting in the New York area.

This event was an important part of the DGA’s diversity initiative and was geared toward creating more job opportunities for directors hailing from sectors statistically underrepresented in television jobs. It offered a unique occasion for these directors to get personal time with top producers and discuss what they have to offer.

The event began with a cocktail reception where the directors and producers networked in an informal setting. EDSC Co-Chair Jason Medina and DGA Assistant Executive Director Mariam Manichaikul welcomed the attendees and spoke about the Guild's ongoing initiative to improve diversity in industry hiring practices through events such as this and more. Afterwards the DGA members were able to engage in personal interview sessions with a stellar list of producers that featured:

  • Melissa James Gibson (House of Cards)
  • Amy Kaufman (Billions)
  • Brooke Kennedy (The Good Wife)
  • Mindy Fila and Ben Lehmann (Sesame Workshop)
  • John Polson (Elementary)
  • Jim Serpico (Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll)
  • Jonathan Starch (Law & Order: SVU)
  • Neri Tannenbaum (Orange is the New Black)
  • Bart Weinrich (Power)
  • Mari Jo Winkler (Vinyl)


The Eastern Diversity Steering Committee represents the concerns of Guild members of African, Asian, Native American, Arab-Middle Eastern or Latino descent. The EDSC is committed to improving the employment opportunities, working conditions and the skills of ethnically diverse Guild members. The Committee's current Co-Chairs are Jason Medina, Rebecca Strickland and Joyce Thomas.


photos by Krista Kennell

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