Making It Happen - Accountability and Opportunity

Making It Happen: Accountability and Opportunity

March 23, 2016 A DGA Director Development Initiative Event

On March 23, 2016, more than 120 members gathered in the Guild’s Los Angeles Theater 2 for Making It Happen: Accountability and Opportunity, the initial offering of the DGA Director Development Initiative’s new curriculum-based speaker series. The series is designed to provide current information on the Director’s craft in order to further the Guild’s mission to increase the diversity of the industry.

The event opened with an introduction from DGA Assistant Executive Director/Director of Diversity Frank Bennett Gonzalez, after which Director/DGA Fourth Vice President Rosemary Rodriguez (The Good Wife), Director/Executive Producer Michael M. Robin (Major Crimes), Equitable Stewardship for Artists Representative Paul Alan Smith, WME Agent Andrew Wang, and CBS Executive Vice President of Current Programs Bridget Wiley engaged in a panel discussion that broke down the fundamental qualities of leadership and creative vision, and revealed how these things translate into empowerment and ultimately success. Moderated by Director/DGA Women's Steering Committee Co-Chair Mary Lou Belli, the conversation also covered topics such as the attributes of successful directors and the related tools and resources that are key to career empowerment.

Also attending the event were representatives from studios and production companies including:

  • Valor Entertainment Partner/Producer/Manager Carlos Bobadilla
  • Producer/Executive Consultant Lucia Cottone
  • Paramount Executive Vice President Nicole Gustafson
  • CBS Vice President of Entertainment Diversity Jeanne Mau
  • NBCUniversal Entertainment Diversity Manager Grace Moss
  • Ryan Murphy Productions Executive Tananse Popa
  • Writ Large Partner/Manager/Producer Greg Shepherd
  • Madhouse Entertainment Manager Kendrick Tan
  • GMT Films Executive Producer Michael German Torres
  • FOX Audience Strategy Vice President Stephen Wong

Following the panel discussion, all attendees were invited to a reception in the DGA atrium.

You can watch video highlights in the gallery below. DGA members, CLICK HERE to watch the full discussions from each of the Director Development Initiative Speaker Series events.

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