James Sheldon

Equalizer; Cagney & Lacey; Kay O'Brien; Sledge Hammer; Half-Nelson; Lottery!; Seven Brides For Seven Brothers; Dukes of Hazzard; Code Red; McClain's Law; Knot's Landing; Nurse; 240 Robert; Waltons; Sheriff Lobo; Today's FBI; Jessie; Stir Crazy; Love Boat; Alice; M*A*S*H; McMillan and Wife; Owen Marshall; Love American Style; My World and Welcome To It; Virginian; Sanford and Son; Ironside; Twilight Zone; Naked City; Route 66; Fugitive; Alfred Hitchcock Presents.
Visual History
James Sheldon Interview
Visual History Interview
Veteran television director James Sheldon (The Twilight Zone, Sanford and Son) discusses his long career directing for television, from its evolution from radio to the small screen in 1948, to the stylistic and technological changes the medium has gone through over the decades.
DGA Quarterly
DGA Quarterly Summer 2011 Books Before I Forget
by James Sheldon
If there’s an emblematic career that showcases the entire history of television from its postwar inception to the late '80s, it must be James Sheldon's.