Edwin Sherin

Films (Feature, PBS, MOWs): Valdez Is Coming; My Old Man's Place; A Marriage: Georgia O'Keefe and Alfred Stieglitz; Deirdre of the Sorrows; King Lear; An American Christmas; Words and Music; The Father Clements Story; Lena; My 100 Children; Getting Even; Daughter of the Streets. Weekly, hour-long, Episodic TV: WIOU; LA Law; Tour of Duty; Moonlighting; MEN; Hill Street Blues; Law and Order, Medium; Black Donnellys.
Mobile: (845)661-4889
Email: edsheri@gmail.com

32 Bellair Drive
Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522 -3502

Visual History
Visual History Interview
Edwin Sherin discusses his long career including acting and directing on Broadway, producing and directing episodic television like Law & Order and LA Law, his directing techniques like “The Sherin Shot,” and the importance of mentoring the next generation of directors.
DGA Quarterly
DGA Quarterly Magazine Summer 2017 In Memoriam Ed Sherin
Ed Sherin
Remembering Ed Sherin, DGA National Vice President and Honorary Life Member
DGA Quarterly Winter 2006 Ed Sherin
Member, 1969-Present
In New York, the DGA is actively seeking to erase the enormous myth of the Big Apple being rotten for filmmakers. That's just not so, say veteran feature and television directors who regularly shoot here.