Michael Apted

Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader; Amazing Grace; Enough; Enigma; The World Is Not Enough; Always Outnumbered; Extreme Measures; Nell; Blink; Thunderheart; Class Action; Gorillas in the Mist; Critical Condition; Firstborn; P'Tang Yang Kipperbang; Gorky Park; Continental Divide; Coalminer's Daughter; Agatha. Documentaries: The Power of the Game; Grand Finale; Married in America II; 49UP; Married in Amercia; Me and Issac Newton; 42Up; Inspirations; Moving the Mountain; Incident at Oglala; 35Up; The Long Way Home; Bring on the Night; 28Up; 21Up; 7+7Up; 7Up.
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Visual History
Visual History 158 Michael Apted
Visual History Interview
Veteran feature and documentary film director and past-president of the DGA Michael Apted discusses his 45-plus year directorial career, highlighting his work on the Seven Up! documentary series, Coal Miner’s Daughter and Nell, among other notable projects. (Part 1 of 2)
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Directing James Bond
For 47 years and 22 films, James Bond has escaped countless close calls thanks to the deft hand of its directors. We caught up with the eight surviving filmmakers to find out how they've kept 007 alive all these years.
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70 Years of Milestones: 2000s
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The simplest definition of an independent movie is one made outside the studio system. Yet, Michael Apted has just been on one such film where he felt less independent than on any studio project he's ever done.