Robert Markowitz

Avenger (TNT); Word of Honor (TNT); Pilot's Wife (CBS); The Big Heist (A&E); The Great Gatsby (A&E); Small Vices (A&E); Nicholas' Gift (CBS); Into Thin Air: Death on Everest (ABC); David (TNT miniseries); The Tuskegee Airmen (HBO, 8 Emmy nominations, Peabody Award winner); Afterburn (HBO); Murder in the Heartland (ABC miniseries); Decoration Day (6 Emmy nominations, Golden Globe winner); A Dangerous Life (6-hour HBO miniseries); The Wall (3-hour, CBS, Peabody Award winner). Other credits on request.
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Visual History
Robert Markowitz Interview
Visual History Interview
Robert Markowitz discusses his career as a director of movies for television and feature films. He also describes the role the DGA played in his career and the importance of the Guild’s support of the creative rights and financial security of directors.